“Staying Alive, Staying Alive, Staying Alive”

“Staying Alive, Staying Alive, Staying Alive”

Can you hear the heartbeat?

What an inspiring re-opening for winter fun at Hickory. Skiers, boarders, skinners, and sledders all turned out to reconnect or discover our mountain for the first time. Mother Nature gave us a very fickle winter, late, on again, off again, 60s to teens one week to the next. We were challenged by the weather, vintage lifts showing their age and lack of use for years, minimal ski patrol availability, and lack of staff, yet we had the lifts spinning and people on the slopes again. 

Our user numbers were enough to indicate that life is possible, but a lifestyle change will be needed to sustain life.

To do that, we need people to use the mountain—the blood cells that give oxygen to the operation of Hickory!

Time to Thrive

Now that we are “alive,” it’s time to establish initiatives to “thrive.” We want to bring back the community energy that made Hickory the place to go for family and friends. We are working with our partners for the sustainability of small private ski areas: Entabeni, IndyPass, Unofficial Networks, the Hickory Legacy Foundation, volunteers, and sponsors to establish a heart-healthy lifestyle for Hickory.

Spring, summer, and fall activities are in the works; disc golf is happening, hikers are trekking, and we are scheduling events. 

Step by Step: The shortlist

Our energies are focused on: 

  • Hiring an experienced and skilled mechanic to rejuvenate and maintain the lifts so they can operate consistently.
  • Hiring a buildings and grounds experienced and skilled person to provide repair and maintenance for slopes, trails and buildings.
  • Pursuing required permitting for camping and RV short-term usage sites
  • Promoting the disc golf course and establishing a youth player population
  • Pursuing event venue business
  • Establishing a Hickory Ski Patrol
  • Establishing teams of volunteers to contribute time and energy for specific projects (i.e.: painting, trail cutting, etc.)
  • Create a ski pass and ticketing structure that is affordable and generates more people on the mountain.

Head for the Hill

Make a difference in creating the lifestyle you want for your kids and grandkids.

Volunteer:  hickorysc2@gmail.com or Sue: 518-696-2710

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