Hiking at Hickory 

Erratic, glacier -transported rock fragment that differs from the local bedrock. Erratics may be embedded in till or occur on the ground surface and may range in size from pebbles to huge boulders weighing thousands of tons.

Hickory and its affiliated properties provide, in addition to ski trails, glades and lift lines, a variety of marked and maintained hiking/snowshoeing trails on more than 575 acres of Adirondack terrain.   The mountain on which Hickory Ski Center is located is Pine Mountain, the first of the 3 peaks in the Three Sisters Range.   Third Sister peak and Jimmy’s Peak/Bald Mountain complete the triad of mountains in the range.  Hickory has access rights to all three of the peaks and has recently completed hiking trails to the raw backcountry to Bald Mountain.

Beginning hikers, seniors and young children find the “Cross Cut Trail” the easiest and shortest route that offers views of the cliffs along the Hudson River and the confluence of the Schroon and Hudson Rivers.

The advanced trail to Jimmy’s Peak /Bald Mountain is a 3-4 hour hike to the peak.   It offers a great view of Mount Marcy in the distance and may offer views of other high peaks on a clear day.  Along the way you will pass a spectacular erratic, currently named “The Rock.”   It is a great photo opportunity.  You will be traversing typical Adirondack terrain, including bedrock ledges, hardwood and evergreen stands, natural springs, trout spawning streams, and quaking bogs.

The Top Notch Trail is intermediate to the half-way point and then becomes a challenging steep to the crest, the site of the Roost which burned down several years ago.  This can be a 2-3 hour hike with rest stops.  There is a wonderful view of the southern Adirondacks and the Confluence of the Schroon and Hudson Rivers.

The Ridge Run Trail is intermediate and follows the ski slope of the same name.  This trail takes you to the top of Pine Mountain and provides a panoramic view of the southern Adirondacks, Green Mountains, Warrensburg and Gore Mountain.

Access to hiking is available any time, any day with easy register and pay kiosk.   See the products Mountain Access Passes for pricing information.