Friday Flurries 1.5.2024

Friday Flurries 1.5.2024

FRIDAY FLURRIES  January 5, 2024

3….2….1   We are now approaching the finish line of an almost 3 year marathon to reopen our lifts.  The insurance is in place thanks to the generous donations of skiers, organizations, donors, and purchasers of passes and swag from across the US. In particular Unofficial Networks and IndyPass for their willingness to support small mountains like ours to stay alive and thrive. 

This morning the NYSDOL certified 3 of our 4 lifts.   Poma 2 has some minor electrical and tree limb issues which should be handled and be ready for certification next week. We have lift operator, cashier, and food service applicants waiting for training and scheduling.

The only remaining challenges are having sufficient ski patrol for our planned operating hours, (please have anyone you know contact us) and Mother Nature’s white manna.   With the two consecutive storms approaching, and hopefully no February rain, we will have a good season.   We will announce opening as soon as we have sufficient base and coverage.   It is likely that we will open the T-Bar and Poma 1 to mid station with a 4” base and 6” plus of coverage.  We’ll need an additional 2-4” to open Poma 2 and top of Poma 1.

Dolagon is scheduled to have its autonomous vehicle on-site in mid-January, snow dependent, for boarders and uphiller/backcountry enthusiasts.  We will be announcing a “free ride” inaugural day as soon as we have a firm date.

In mid-November, we took a risk and financed the purchase of a new side by side utility vehicle as we had no means to transport crew or inspectors up the mountain.   It is likely the first new large equipment purchase in at least a decade.

We want to thank Hickory Hill Brewing and Events, LLC for its diligence and continuing support of Hickory in its efforts to open a taproom in the lodge featuring specialty Hickory themed microbrews.   Because of some of the specific regulations of the New York State Liquor Authority about defining access to the premises where alcohol is served and consumed, it became clear that the lease option under consideration would not be workable for Hickory to operate or manage the remainder of its operations.    Our intent now is for Hickory to pursue a tavern wine license which will allow us to offer beer, wine, and cider, featuring Hickory Hill Brewing products and to support their efforts in hosting weddings and events at the Hill.

The Hickory Legacy Foundation continues to support recreational, environmental, educational and historic preservation activities at the Hill through ongoing fundraising, advertising, and merchandise sales.   They are planning on financially supporting learn to ski and youth skiing this season so we invite you to connect with their website: to support their essential contributions to Hickory.

With the support of Paul Connally we have updated our ski area map which now includes uphill routes, our original logo and an easier to read format.   He is also helping us update our brochure and has been the graphic designer guru for most of our advertising and social media marketing.   Thank you Paul!

We gave birth to 7 gnomes last month and will continue with craft events periodically.  We have two events scheduled so far during the ski season.  We will be part of the Lake George Winter Carnival, as a stop for 518Jeeps to collect a duck on February 3rd.  On March 12, we will be hosting a hill climb sponsored by the Thurman Connection Snowmobile Club.

Thank you Hickory Community

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