Events at Hickory

The Hickory lodge is well suited for those seeking an event venue that is casual and communal.   It is equipped with picnic tables and benches and a large circular indoor firepit with bench seating.   Large picture windows provide a view of the slopes and cliffs along the Hudson River.   The lodge has a full-service kitchen which can provide food service for café or banquet style dining.  There are decks, seating, stage, and outdoor firepit in front of the lodge to provide for outdoor components of your event with the capacity to provide outdoor grill and food service.  Special event permitting is required for alcoholic beverage service.  

When you reserve Hickory for an event, you have available to you the entirety of the Hickory and affiliated Three Sisters Range properties with backcountry skiing, snowshoeing or hiking.   Arrangements can be made for access to the Hudson River for canoeing or kayaking.  If your event is during the ski season, group rates may be available.  Mountain biking is challenging and allowed.   Dirt bikes and ATV’s are not allowed.

Our rental rates are reasonable, our staff is congenial, and our environment is spectacular.  We have hosted concerts, fests, competitions, parties and celebrations since 1946.   We hope you consider a site visit to see what we have to offer.

  • May

    28 – Family Day and Memory Wall: 1-4pm

  • June

    7-10 – Breakfast and Lunch at the 3 Sisters: 7-2
    11 –12 - Reserved for private party
    18 - Reserved for private event

  • July

    9 – Bands, Brews and BBQ 1: 11- 9

  • August

    11-14 – EMS Event
    27 - Bands , Brews and BBQ 2 : 11-9