Introducing Hickory Extreme Events

Introducing Hickory Extreme Events

UPDATE: The Downhill Giant Slalom Event is Now a Free Ride

Although we’ve had a lot of interest, we didn’t get enough registrants to put on a race.

If you were planning on coming out for the race, you still can! For those interested, our slalom course is set up and you’re invited to come out and give it a try on Sunday, October 2 (7am - 2pm) at no cost. All riders will still need to check in and sign a waiver. Uphill travel will be under your own power.

The 3 Sisters Cafe' will be open 7am - 2pm with a full breakfast menu, kids’ menu, and featured grilled sandwiches.

The leaves are starting to change as well, so this is a great opportunity to check out hiking trails. Stop out and see us after the World's Largest Garage Sale!


We have been encouraged to establish a mountain biking venue for years. Last fall we located a prominent trail designer to assess our property for the design of a trail system. Before committing to the hefty expenditure just for the design, we invited several experienced mountain bikers to tour the trails, old logging roads, and potential to be developed areas for their mountain biking potential. Their assessment determined that the terrain was not conducive for the average mountain biker and it would take extensive buildouts to modify the terrain for any usable trails.

Given that feedback, we asked ourselves, how can we incorporate a mountain biking venue into our portfolio without expending huge sums of money on an extensive trail buildout. We reflected on what Hickory has always been, a natural mountain that draws the more adventurous to the challenging terrain. Taking that perspective and applying it to mountain biking, we decided to take advantage of our uniqueness.

We are introducing a series of events called “Hickory Extreme”. The first of these events will be held October 2nd. It will be a mountain biking giant slalom which affords racers the opportunity to downhill with controlled speed. We know of no other such event anywhere. So we are hoping that this event will become a regular happening and will draw the extreme biking crowd. We are also inviting e-bikers to explore the trails to determine if our terrain is suitable for the e-biking population.

Runners racing up a hill

3 Peak Trail Run & Scramble to the Top

The second event will be a trail run to the 3 peaks in the 3 Sisters Range, and the third a straight out scramble run to the top of Poma I. More information and dates for these events will be announced soon.

We welcome you as a racer or spectator to be part of a new adventure at Hickory. The remodeled café will be open for the events and a regular schedule from 7-2 from Friday through Tuesday until the snow flies or there is insufficient patronage to support café operations.

The Legend Rises!

Contact us or call 838-766-5008 with questions. Leave a message please so we can get back to you.

The Hickory Team

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