Friday Flurries 2/2

Friday Flurries 2/2

You gotta get here early to beat the turkeys up the hill. Spinning T-Bar, Poma 1 and courtesy handle tow (til 10). There are some bare spots and some grooming done.
Snow is generally holding steady.  Remember we are a natural snow mountain and we do not groom all slopes.

Jeeps are coming for ducks tomorrow 9-4 as part of our participation in the Lake George Winter Carnaval Jeeps518 event.

Back country skiers should be aware that the Thurman Connection Snowmobile Club will be opening their trails on the contiguous Hickory properties soon, so be cautious if you meander onto their marked snowmobile trails.

Dolagon is shipping it's Gen4 new autonomous vehicle to Hickory in mid-February so get ready for an announcement for first rides to top of Poma 2 and Bald Mountain.

IndyPass registrations are holding firm with several booking into future weekends.
We look forward to seeing you on the slopes.
The Hickory Team
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